Snap Projections: How To Compete & Win In The Canadian HNW Segment

In order to succeed in the financial advisory field, you need to be able to identify your own niche and keep abreast of larger trends in your field and how they might affect you. Today’s guest is an authority in the financial planning industry who understands the importance of clearly defining your own niche and scaling your firm using technology.

Jason Pereira is a Partner and Senior Financial Consultant with Woodgate Financial Inc., which manages $200 million AUM across 180 families with three partners and four staff. He is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business’ MBA program where he now teaches classes in Financial Planning. Jason holds an MBA, CFA, CFP, and RFP, among other designations. He has won and been named as a finalist for several industry awards and is Canada’s only two-time winner of the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards.

Listen to the episode to hear Jason’s thoughts on finding your niche, using technology in your financial advisory practice, and understanding trends within the global financial advisory field.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Jason’s five-meeting process for new clients, and what happens during each meeting

  • Jason’s views on how to compete with larger, established firms

  • How Woodgate Financial arrived at their niche

  • How to increase the value of the financial plan for clients

  • Woodgate’s pricing structure and how it was arrived at

  • The importance of being upfront about fees

  • The potential benefits of capping fees

  • Knowing when to partner with other professionals and say no to projects outside your niche

  • Tools and technology that can be used for scaling the practice

  • How the cost of automating processes can be outweighed by the efficiency gains

  • How to optimize a financial planning office

  • Jason’s advice for financial advisors getting started in the business today

  • Why monthly fee-based planning is the financial advisory trend of the future, and what that model looks like

  • How trends in the Canadian financial planning industry stack up against global trends in the field

  • Jason’s new podcast, Fintech Impact