Corporate Structure Planning

When you started your business the structure was probably very simple. However as time passes, it’s likely that your business will outgrow that structure. Having the right structure is vital to tax planning, creditor protection and the eventual sale of your business. At Woodgate, we will review your current corporate structure, advise you of any opportunities you may not be taking and work in collaboration with a lawyer to reorganize your corporation.


Executive Compensation Planning

Rewarding employees is important, but it can also be costly. For example, if you give high-income earners another $1 of compensation it may cost your company almost $2 due to their marginal tax rate. Instead, what if that $1 extra cost you only $1.50 or less? Woodgate can advise you in regards to deferred compensation programs, structures and other benefits to help your corporate dollars go further.


Group Compensation Consulting

Poorly designed group insurance and investment plans can be both costly and an administrative burden that fail to benefit your employees in the way that you hoped. Woodgate can help you make the most of your plans by designing them to be both cost and administratively effective.



Your corporation and any holding companies present you with tax planning opportunities not available to other Canadians. Proper management of your investments and insurance within your corporate structure can result in significant tax deferral, tax preferential income and even tax-free income. We’ll help you plan for and secure your financial future by making the most of your financial structure and hard earned profits.



The process of selling your business or passing it on to a family member involves significant negotiation and coordination between yourself, lawyers, accountants, and valuators. Woodgate can help facilitate this process. Acting as the coordinator, we will ensure all parties are on the same page so that a successful conclusion can be reached.