Woodgate is a fee based financial planning firm.

  • New clients are charged a planning fee to take them through our 5-step process for the first time.
  • Ongoing asset management fees are charged to your investment accounts in order to pay for ongoing planning and maintenance of your accounts. These fees are competitive and follow a sliding scale whereby the more you invest, the less you pay.
  • We receive sales commissions on the sale of insurance products. These commissions are determined by insurance companies. A fee-based option does not yet exist for insurance.

All fees are disclosed and approved by you prior to any fees being charged. Other professionals with whom we collaborate, such as lawyers and accountants, bill you directly for their services.


To learn more, contact us for a complimentary introductory meeting:

Contact partner James Collins at + 1 (416) 691-1944 ext. 336 or by email.