Charitable Giving

We can help you and your family begin the discussion in regard to how and when to donate, as well as what to donate. Depending upon your wishes and situation, we will help to advise you on the implications of one-time donations and/or bequests, as compared to the establishment of a foundation or donor-advised fund. 

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Woodgate has been helping our clients to invest in line with their values for over 20 years. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors measure the sustainable and ethical impact of an investment or company. Investing while taking these factors into consideration (also called Socially Responsible or Ethical investing) is a way to:

- Earn a competitive rate of return

- Make a positive impact on the world, and 

- Mitigate increased risk that can result from poor governance and stagnant social/environmental policies. 

Cross border

Are you or your family US citizens who are living in or planning on moving to Canada? We will provide advice and resources with regard to investment, tax and estate planning on both sides of the boarder, including everything from applying for pension benefits and efficiently dealing with foreign exchange transactions in each country.