We start with an in-depth look at your financial life, which includes auditing your current financial reality and uncovering opportunities for greater efficiencies and growth. We work with you to set goals for the future and then develop a written plan that helps you achieve those goals.


Investment Planning*

Using the findings from your financial plan, we develop investment portfolios to help meet your goals. Our portfolios invest your money the same way major pension funds manage their money. We design the portfolio to fit your needs and risk tolerance and hire world-class investment managers who focus on delivering the returns we target.


Risk Management Planning

Several points of risk are reviewed in order to identify areas of exposure and determine priorities. We analyze your risks associated with: cash emergency, life, disability, critical illness, long term care, global health care, longevity, health, dental and travel medical. The objective is to help you obtain the coverage you need and avoid the coverage you don’t need.


Tax Planning

The goal is simple: pay less tax so that you can save more. We start by providing you with insights on how taxation really works and debunking tax myths. We then review your tax bill, the effectiveness of tax planning completed to date and discuss additional strategies that could result in further tax savings.


Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is about making sure that your wealth ends up where you want it to with as little conflict, effort and tax payable as possible. We start by reviewing the contents of your current wills and powers of attorney, looking for deficiencies, and addressing any areas of concern. If documents need to be updated or replaced, we will work with you to develop a plan in advance of meeting with a lawyer.


Progress Review

Once all five areas of our planning process have been addressed, the next goal is to keep you on track. During your regular Progress Review, we will evaluate the key findings from each step of the process and how you are progressing with your goals.